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DAL Apprenticeship Program

The program will offer you the opportunity to become a specialist in your area of expertise.

The DAL Apprenticeship Program aims to offer a route to support fresh graduates acquire the right technical skills needed, learn best practices first-hand from the country’s leading employer and to quickly adapt to a dynamic business environment.

The program will offer you the opportunity to become a specialist in your area of expertise.

Planning to sharpen your skills?!  Join us, you will receive :

  • Securing an employment with the employer of choice.
  • Flexibility in learning & development options.
  • Opportunity at your doorstep.

Program Structure

The DAL Apprenticeship Program, is a Three year program spilt into:

Two years of training where apprentices  rotate across different divisions and business units, followed by one year of placement in a specific role within one business unit or department based on the graduate’s preference while considering the business needs.

Eligibility Criteria

The program has two streams, and they are :


Acquire an exceptional experience in one of the largest conglomerates in Sudan. The finance stream will offer extensive practice in financial management, Credit control, treasury accountant, sales accounting, costing , Auditing and more.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology)


A well-formed practice of the unified communication and networks, shared communication in enterprise computing .

Business Applications

Effectively manage a variety of Enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems and develop a multivariate skills of business intelligence.

IT Management

Become the point of convergence in business units, lead service management practices and advance in IT projects.

Assessment Process

  1. Basic English Language Test
  2. Written/Technical Test
  3. Panel Interviews